Denise Regan has been painting on the East End of Long Island all her adult life.  Ms. Regan moved to her home on Shelter Island with her photographer husband John Picker in 2004, and her location on Coecles Harbor has significantly influenced her work. 


The paintings presented here reflect Regan's experience with the water and sky as they change with the seasons, time of day, and the light as the clouds move across the sky.  Ranging from small 10" x 8" to 7' x 10' , all  are rhythmic, balanced compositions with the same broad attack and design that has become her signature.  Her pallet varies from soft blues to vibrant oranges as the light changes from dawn to sunset.  


Thirty one paintings are included in this volume.  They demonstrate the artist's use of encaustic to express the feel and movement of the water with its transparencies and color layering.  This medium blends oil pigment with beeswax which enriches the work and provides a texture which invites the viewer to enter into the painting rather than viewing it as an object.